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audit finances

4 Reasons Why you Should Audit your Finances?

Why you should audit finances of your business? Running a business isn’t just all about marketing, customer service or the product itself- but also all of your financial statements. Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date financial records is necessary for every business. Below...
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hr audit

What is Human Resource Audit?

Process of Human Resource Audit Human resource audit is a process of checking/appraising the Hr department in an organisation. It comprehensively examine current policies, practices, procedures, strategies, documentation, structure, skills  and systems to identify needs for...
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Internal Auditing: 10 duties of an Internal Auditor

Do you want to be an internal auditor? Is it your dream job or maybe you want to change your career today and become an internal auditor? If so or not, it will be vital for you to understand the duties of an internal auditor. To begin with, internal auditors form an integral part...
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Auditing: Understanding the Process of Audit Validation

Audit validation is an important process that ensures the different variables that determine the audit process, method and materials  used in the process of auditing process are well sourced and they are the truly ones that have been used in the conduction of the business deals....
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Approaches to Human Resource Audit

Human resource audit has evolved over time and expanded as it is not only used in decision making, but also as an instrument of control in personnel related matters. Several approaches have been brought forward to evaluate the effectiveness of the hr function. Previous scholars...
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What are the benefits of IT Auditing?

With the current digitized word, the use of computers has become prevalent in almost all sectors of our life and economy to begin with. With this comes voluminous problems in that cybercrimes have taken advantage of the prevalence in the use of computers to enrich themselves with...
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accounting cycle

Reason why stakeholders trust financial auditors more than accountants

The sole reason for the conduction of financial audit is to check on whether the financial statements are recorded based on a given and approved criteria. Most at times the criteria is based on given set of rules of international standards for a given accounting body. Thus, the...
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4 Biggest Risks that Internal Auditors may face in 2018

It all goes without further questioning that internal auditors face greater risks than their fellow counterparts who are external auditors. Their question of independence is usually out to test in an organization as other external and internal forces may barricade them from...
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What is the importance of healthcare firm audit?

A healthcare firm audit is the forefront of modern day health practices. The importance of an audit is prevalent in a variety of industries likes – banking, technology and even services and maintenance. Out of all the above said categories it is much more crucial to conduct...
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How is Internal Audit a Necessity for Healthcare Industry?

It is necessary to conduct an internal healthcare audit regularly from on certain periods to ensure that the healthcare staff are following the healthcare regulations well, and are updated about every change in the healthcare policies. Healthcare internal audit is important for...
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