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Types of Audit

Types of Audits that are performed in an Organization

What is Auditing? According to Lawrence, Auditing is the process of examination of the books of accounts of a business with the aim of giving a clear view of the financial position of the business within a given period of time. The scrutinizing process is usually performed by...
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Auditing: Understanding the Process of Audit Validation

Audit validation is an important process that ensures the different variables that determine the audit process, method and materials used in the process of auditing process are well sourced and they are the true ones that have been used in the conduction of the business deals....
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IT Audit

What are the benefits of IT Auditing?

With the current digitized word, the use of computers has become prevalent in almost all sectors of our life and economy to begin with. With this comes voluminous problems in that cybercrimes have taken advantage of the prevalence in the use of computers to enrich themselves with...
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Financial Auditor

Reason Why Stakeholders trust Financial Auditor more than Accountants?

The sole reason for the conduction of a financial audit is to check on whether the financial statements are recorded based on a given and approved criteria. Most at times, the criteria are based on a given set of rules of international standards for a given accounting body. Thus,...
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Good Governance

5 Reasons Why Companies prefer to hire the Big Four Firms to perform their Audits

There are a lot of auditing firms which operate globally both in large or small scale version. However, there are the big four auditing firms which have gained positive rapport from a lot of people firms and companies globally. The Big four comprises a different set of companies...
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Healthcare Audit

What is the importance of Healthcare Firm Audit?

A healthcare firm audit is at the forefront of modern-day health practices. The importance of an audit is prevalent in a variety of industries likes – banking, technology, and even services and maintenance. Audit Healthcare is a process that is used by health professionals to...
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healthcare audit guide

5 Main Healthcare Auditing Strategies

Plans and meetings have to be arranged to make and agree on certain strategies the will prepare the healthcare organizations for healthcare auditing. By doing healthcare strategies, the healthcare organization will be stronger to anticipate the payments needed for doing the...
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Internal Auditing

5 reasons Internal Auditing is common in Large Enterprises

Internal Audit Programs Having internal audit programs in place, assures business stakeholders that; business resources are secure and safe from threats such as misappropriation and fraud. It is the mandate of the executive (the management) to ensure that policies, procedures and...
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Healthcare Internal Audit

An effective guide for Auditing Healthcare Entities

The lead role played by healthcare entities and general medicine in our daily lives should be given vital importance through regular audits and quality checks. Auditing is a systematic enquiry which requires awareness, statistics and most importantly knowledge. Being aware of the...
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Healthcare Compliance

What are the Best Healthcare Compliance Audit Tools

Healthcare Compliance for Healthcare Organizations Healthcare Compliance is the most challenging healthcare issue faced by the healthcare organizations. The healthcare organization tries its best by using several tools to protect its healthcare secrets and to follow healthcare...
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