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What is the importance of healthcare firm audit?

A healthcare firm audit is the forefront of modern day health practices. The importance of an audit is prevalent in a variety of industries likes – banking, technology and even services and maintenance. Out of all the above said categories it is much more crucial to conduct...
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healthcare audit guide

5 Main Healthcare Auditing Strategies

Plans and meetings have to be arranged to make and agree on certain strategies the will prepare the healthcare organizations for healthcare auditing. By doing healthcare strategies, the healthcare organization will be stronger to anticipate the payments needed for doing the...
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Internal Audit

5 reasons Internal Auditing is common in large enterprises

Internal Audit Programs Having internal audit programs in place, assures business stakeholders that; business resources are secure and safe from threats such as misappropriation and fraud. It is the mandate of the executive (the management) to ensure that policies, procedures and...
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An effective guide for Auditing Healthcare Entities

The lead role played by healthcare entities and general medicine in our daily lives should be given vital importance through regular audits and quality checks. Auditing is a systematic enquiry which requires awareness, statistics and most importantly knowledge. Being aware of the...
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What are the Best Healthcare Compliance Audit Tools

Compliance is the most challenging healthcare issue faced by the healthcare organizations. The healthcare organization tries its best by using several tool to protect its healthcare secrets, and to follow healthcare regulations and policies. In order to get the best out of a...
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The Impact of Forensic Accounting on Fraud Detection

Every organization is at a risk of financial loss due to fraud. An effective audit team helps mitigate this both internally and externally. It’s crucial that both teams have thorough knowledge of both detection and prevention if the goal of fraud mitigation and eradication is to...
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5 Steps of Financial Audit for Healthcare Industry

There are many reasons why healthcare organizations should conduct themselves to healthcare financial audit, maybe it will be needed for the healthcare management, or the healthcare investors to help them making better decisions while planning for any actions. Subjecting a...
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What is a patient audit chart and how is it important?

The healthcare entities are trying their best to do an effective system that help the patients and cure them effectively, one of these systems is called chart audit, and this is when the patient has previous history of treatments, so the healthcare staff usually make an...
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Top 7 tips for effective healthcare audit

The purpose of a healthcare audit relies entirely on its effectiveness and this in turn is dependent on how qualitatively the audit was done. There main areas of a quality based audit revolve around: expert auditing professionals, effective techniques and an organised approach. 7...
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healthcare audit plan

Things to remember while planning Healthcare Audit

Healthcare audits require careful planning and deliberation to make use of all effective and working techniques. There is a certain way to systemize the audit in order to derive all necessary results. Planning a healthcare audit is a process which when chronologically organised...
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