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Finance Manager

What does a Finance Manager do?

Role of a Finance Manager In the world of finance, accuracy, time management, and credibility is a must. To be able to achieve this goal, the finance staff ensures that this will be all followed, guided by a finance manager. The responsibility of a Finance Manager A finance...
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5 Financial Mistakes you need to avoid right now

Having a good financial management, may it be personal or your business, is everyone’s goal. I mean who doesn’t? With many cases of fraud, bankruptcy and other financial problems nowadays, more people are investing time and money in good and accurate financial management. Here...
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How to Understand Fiduciary Income Tax?

Taxation is the privy source of revenue most government depend. And with the diversity principle of taxation, understanding what fiduciary task is may help determine the impact and effect of the tax payable.  Fiduciary income tax is a tax type that reports estates trusts and the...
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financial statements

A guide to understanding your financial statements

Financial statements are more important that you really think. It’s the scorecard of your business, and whenever you’re a small or large business owner, you need to read, analyze, and understand your financial statements so you can get an accurate findings of your finances. This...
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financial statements

5 Things You Need to Know About Your Financial Statements

Understanding financial statements Financial statements are not just some mere documents- it is very vital to the success and growth of your business. When you know how to interpret these financial statements, chances are, you’ll know how to decide intelligently in investing and...
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Accounting Department

How to Unite Accounting Department and Outsourcing Department?

Why your Accounting Department and Outsourcing Department need to work in unison? The accounting department – the most important department in an organization – needs to been taken care of considerately. The first proper motivation of your accounting department will imply that...
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income statement

How to Prepare an Income Statement?

Preparing an Income Statement An income statement –trading gross profit and loss statement is a very important document for a business. The document shows how the company will be profitable or it is at a given time. The figure from the statement May also indicates how the company...
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Why is Business Capital considered as a Special Liability?

The simple definition of capital is that capital is the owners claim in the business. We usually expect that since capital is money that we input to start a business the same should be viewed as an asset. But that not the case in accounting, while recording the different type of...
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Direct Tax

Advantages of Direct Tax as opposed to Indirect Tax

Direct Tax vs Indirect Tax Taxation ensures that government collects money to fund all its activities. Thus, there are different types of tax that can be levied to citizens of a particular country namely direct and indirect tax. However, it will be vital to note that this is not...
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Money Laundering

Forms of Money Laundering that you need to be Aware of

What is Money Laundering? Money laundering deals with the movement of cash without leaving the trace of evidence which may be used for investigation purposes. The process is mostly done with the intention that the government or any other interested agency may certify that the...
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