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Requirements for 501c3 Tax Return

The Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) is a provision that allows nonprofit organizations(charities, educational institutions etc.) to be exempted from paying certain taxes. However, according to the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, more than a hundred 501(c)(3)...
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Non-Profit Tax Preparation

Top Non-Profit Tax Preparation Tips

Excellent Non-Profit Tax Preparation Tips – How To Get The Job Done Non-profit tax preparation may be similar to the profit tax preparation. The slight difference is there a few tax exemptions and deductions that the non-profit organization has made the process slightly...
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Financial Management

What are the fundamentals of an NGO’s Financial Management?

Introduction to Financial Management Financial management is crucial for the success of any organization, be it private, government or non-governmental organization. For any organization to be successful, they ought to watch their finances and make the right decisions at the...
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Accounting Process

The Accounting Process of a NGO

Accounting System of the Organization The accounting process is a series of activities that starts with a transaction and ends with the closing of the books. Because this process is repeated that’s why it is called Accounting Cycle. By describing the accounting process of...
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Non Profit Organizations

What are the taxation aspects of Non Profit Organizations?

A brief summary of governments revenues Governments fund their activities in a range of ways. The main components of government revenue are typically consumption taxes, income taxes and a range of non-tax revenues, including grants from donors. The exact mix of revenue sources...
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Income Tax

Why are some NGO’s exempted from Income Tax?

What NGO’s stands for and their roles? An NGO (Non-governmental organization) is supposed to be organized and operated exclusively for scientific, research, educational character building, youth and sports-development, health, social welfare, cultural or charitable...
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Non-Profit Organization

The Role of an Auditor in a Non-Profit Organization

A scope of Non-Profit Organization This sector is very diverse with organizations handling from thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars in funds per year. However, despite the size and scope of any of them, corporate governance is the basic character that they have. This has...
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How to Register a Non-Profit Organization?

A non-profit organization typically refers to an organization of concern on public or community benefit which works without the purpose of making a profit, unlike many other regular, not for profit organizations. There are various types of non-profit organizations as identified...
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bank account

How to Open a Bank Account for a Non Profit Organization?

Need for Non Profit Bank Account Non-profit organizations are those that serve in the public’s interest. Its income is used for the growth of the company instead of personal gain. Popular Non-profit organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the United Nations...
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