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Top 7 economic effects of taxation that you must be aware of

Despite taxes being one of the top most funding to most governments, there are some economic effects of taxation that in one way or another affect certain variables in an economy. An economy can be affected either positively or negatively. Some of the effects of taxation include:...
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principal of tax system

The Principles of a Good Tax System

Taxation is a source of revenue to Governments. Plus, there are a lot of benefits are derived from taxation which helps in improving a country economic system. Thus, this calls for the government to derive a good tax system to fix the needs of both the country and society. Some...
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Top 8 tips for year-end Tax Savings

The year is finally ending and we are all preparing new resolutions for the coming year and one major resolution is always to save money and manage finances well. One way to do that is to take advantage of the tax saving proposals available before the New Year. Best of Tax Saving...
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How IT Insecurity Maximizes Costs in Tax Preparation?

The years 2012-2015 have seen the expense planning industry grow up by 2%. This is an essence of the anticipated improvements in the business for the coming years. The business is enormous and bizarre, i.e. through giving an administration each individual dwelling in any nation...
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tax preparation services

Who should prepare your Tax Return?

The answer depends on the type and amount of tax you are entitled to pay. However, in each case, information security and privacy is normally a question when it comes to deciding who you pay to prepare your tax returns. For my point of view, anyone can prepare a tax return for...
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Why should you hire a CPA for Healthcare Tax Preparation?

Taxing is the most common healthcare issue, a lot of healthcare entities would like to pay their taxes without much effort. Moreover, they would like to know ways to save money from taxes. Hiring a CPA will be a good choice for that, because he will analyse the healthcare...
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healthcare tax preparation

What are the requirements for Healthcare Tax Preparation?

Preparing any business tax returns may be very frustrating experience in the first time especially if the necessary documents are not available, so it will take much time and effort to collect them, that’s why it will be much easier if the documents and information are recorded...
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How to estimate & Pay Quarterly Taxes?

A business owner is required to pay taxes four time for a year, so it is important to calculate and pay estimated taxes quarterly as a percentage of earnings. Estimate Quarterly Taxes If a person work under someone else a portion of the salary is withheld for their paychecks as...
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What are the common Tax planning mistakes?

Every country has its own system and policies on paying taxes and you can’t run away from them unless you live on the moon or less civilized places. Hence it is good to know the policies and regulations required in paying your taxes before you earn an income or start a business....
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online tax filing

How to check Income Tax filing status

Offline & Online Tax Filing It is possible to fill income tax in two different ways, offline tax filing, and online return tax filing. To know your income tax status, you must know how each of these methods works. Checking your income tax status will be a lot easier if you...
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