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The Pillars of Our Success


AFS has a long history of providing professional attestation and non-attest services to clients of different sizes and in many industries. We can apply all the accumulated skills and experience to share best practices with our clients and help them reach their goals.


We have become trusted advisors to clients due to our specialized skills and knowledge in specific industries we serve. AFS professionals become members of clients’ decision-making teams because they trust and value our judgment.


We understand the importance of efficiencies and cost control and have specifically designed our audit methodology to provide your engagement team with the tools and technology they need to perform a high quality audit in as cost effective a manner as possible.

Value for Fees

We have implemented rigorous internal procedures to maintain our high professional standards and to control the scope and the cost of the engagement, which brings value to our clients.

Timely Delivery

Through proper coordination and planning, we will complete all work within your specified time frame. Use of Cutting-edge cloud based technology minimizes audit time & costs.


AFS professionals, trained to listen to our clients, have a well-earned reputation for devising innovative and creative solutions to today’s complex business environment and challenges.

Why Choose Us?

  • Global Presence

    Affluent Financial Services LLC is now serving the clients with operations in United States, Canada, Europe, Asia & Asia Pacific.

  • Experienced Leadership

    The Managing Partner has over 25 years of public accounting and industry experience in the United States, Singapore and India, working with clients reporting under US GAAP, IFRS, UK GAAP, Singapore GAAP and India GAAP. He has previously worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte & Touche for over 12 years. His experience mainly includes performing audit, accounting, tax and business advisory services to several industries including nonprofit, government contractors, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, banking, telecommunications, construction, higher education, healthcare, and aerospace and defense.

  • Cost Effective Service

    Specifically designed audit methodology to provide your engagement team with the tools they need to perform a high quality audit in as cost effective a manner as possible. Our approach to your audit will take into account the following strategies:

    1. Communication throughout the year
    2. Well planned and executed audit fieldwork
    3. Advance planning of the audit and tax process to ensure there are no surprises
    4. Detailed examination of your internal controls
    5. Full understanding of technical accounting and reporting issues.
    6. Extensive quality control procedures
  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    We operate in a paperless audit environment and use various software and tools in a cloud environment that provides database management and access to the latest knowledge resources.

  • Reliable and Quality Services

    AFS follows a uniform process and is subject to various quality control reviews. Our quality control procedures include the following:

    1. Pre-issuance reviews
    2. Assignment of knowledgeable & experienced personnel
    3. Supervision
    4. Engagement Partner Review

Our Values

  • Our Culture and Values - What We Are Proud Of

    Our culture and core values reflect how we manage our work, our relationships, and ourselves. The following core values embody the standards by which we conduct ourselves and the standards you can continue to expect in all our dealings with you as our client:

    Honesty and Integrity: Openness and prudent judgment, about being trustworthy and straightforward in all our working relationships.

    Taking personal responsibility: Treat each other as equals and have a strong sense of responsibility to colleagues and the firm. We appreciate and recognize individual strengths.

    Strong and personal client relationships: Our client relationships are more than just business partnerships: we aim to understand people as well as business, and build longstanding relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

    Mutual support: Treat each other with consideration & respect and have a strong values of sharing and consultation.

  • AFS offers a breadth of services tailored to meet your needs.

    Our core services include:

    • Financial Statement Audit
    • Compliance Audit
    • Single Audit pursuant to OMB Circular A-133
    • Internal Audit
    • Audit Readiness Support and Remediation
    • Financial Statement Compilation
    • Financial Statement Review
    • Accounting Procedures Design and Implementation
    • Outsourced Accounting Support
    • Budget and Performance Integration
    • Cost Accounting Advisory Services
    • Tax Preparation and Planning Services
    • Agreed-upon Procedures
    • Outsourced CFO Services
  • At AFS, we believe it is important to help make the world a better place. With a history of exemplary service to clients, we strive to bring that same dedication to the communities in which we live and work.

    By volunteering our time, talent, and resources, we are able to positively impact our communities and the people who live within them, while building a firm-wide culture of giving back that strengthens our business and inspires our people.

  • In cultivating an environment that emphasizes a collaborative style of management and service delivery, there are many ways that AFS encourages employees to develop their full potential and to apply their knowledge and skills for the benefit of our clients. A key component of the employee development process stems from our strong client service approach that is characterized by senior level partner involvement in client relationships. This exposes other team members to a flexible, involved, participatory engagement style that distinguishes AFS from other accounting and consulting firms that may rely on more of an assembly line approach to client service. The importance of this “on-the-job” aspect of professional development cannot be overstated.

    Coupled with this unique engagement style is a more formal program of professional development that:

    (a) Begins with a rigorous performance evaluation process.

    (b) Links to the creation of learning plans, supported by a rich curriculum of technical,management development & client relationship training courses.

    As far as training is concerned, AFS is committed to the mandate within the accounting profession to build and maintain the highest possible level of professional competence. As suggested, it serves that objective with defined technical and professional curricula, the development of annual learning plans, the sponsoring of a large number of training offerings at the local, regional, and national levels, and continuous evaluation and improvement efforts.

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