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About Affluent CPA

Affluent Financial Services LLC (AFS) is a CPA firm headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, providing audit and assurance, tax, bookkeeping and accounting, payroll processing and advisory services to companies in various industry sectors.

AFS professionals have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of applicable Industry accounting and auditing standards, financial management rules and requirements, tax laws and compliance reporting requirements. AFS is also rated as one of the trusted CPA Firms in the Washington D.C. metro area.

We believe in gaining trust and build strong & long term relationship with our clients.

Our core values include honesty and integrity, professionalism, competence, dedication, responsibility and accountability, which not only helped our firm grow, it helped our clients with better understanding of technical issues, develop effective operational controls, and efficient processes to administer their programs and budgets and to meet their internal and external compliance and other requirements.

Our strong client service approach is characterized by direct partner level involvement in client relationships and execution of every engagement. The importance of this “on-the-job” aspect of professional development cannot be overstated.

The Pillars of Our Success


AFS has a long history of providing professional bookkeeping, accounting, tax, audit, review and other professional services. We share the best practices with our clients and help them reach their goals.


AFS professionals have become trusted advisors of our clients’ decision-making teams due to our specialized skills and knowledge in specific industries.


We understand the importance of efficiency & cost control & have specifically designed our methodology to provide our professional team with the tools & technology they need to perform & deliver high quality services in a cost-effective manner.

Value for Fees

We have implemented rigorous internal procedures to maintain our high professional standards and to control the scope and the cost of engagements, which brings value to our clients.

Timely Delivery

Through proper coordination and planning, we complete all work within our client’s specified time frame. Use of Cutting-edge cloud-based technology minimizes our engagement time and cost.


AFS professionals, trained to listen to our clients, have a well-earned reputation for devising innovative and creative solutions in today’s complex business environment and challenges.

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