business advisory services

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Business Advisory Services

At AFS, our goal is to help ensure the viability and success of every organization we serve.


Our business advisory services include:

Advisory Services

In today’s quickly progressing and acutely precise world, the need for financial stability and progress is essential toward the upward movement of a company. Mergers often either form the saving grace or further expansion for many corporates, who are seeking greater returns from the market alongside a renewal of their strategic approach toward the market through a combined effort.


Acquisitions, on the other hand most often involves either partially owning a company by buying a certain amount of shares from the company or completely taking over operations. Both mergers and acquisitions can either be for profit of one or for progress of the one’s signing the agreement.

We perform various agreed upon procedures as requested by clients, including the following:

Development of Policies and Procedures: The development of policies and procedures will communicate your company's objectives and provide guidance to your employees regarding their duties and responsibilities. We can assist you in the development of overall internal controls as well as policies and procedures specifically tailored to your organization's needs. These policies and procedures will not only comply with regulatory requirements but also provide implementation of strong internal controls within the business.

Preparation of Budgets, Forecasts and Projections: We can assist you prepare budgets for the current year and forecasts and projections based on developments and management expectations in the future.

Independent review of cost rate determination used for various purposes, etc.