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partnership taxes

How To File Partnership Taxes?

Must Know about Partnership Taxes Partnerships are not a subject to federal income tax. However, the partners have the responsibility of reporting income, losses, deductions as well as making payments. Regardless of the fact that partnerships are exempted from paying tax each and...
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Outsource Book-Keeping Services

Not Sure Whether To Outsource Book-Keeping Services- Here’s why?

Why and When to Outsource Book-Keeping Services? A lot of business owners are not book-keepers and they rather channel book-keeping time to closing business deals. Newbies business owners may have time and as business expansion, they will need to outsource for bookkeeping...
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Mainstream Media

How Mainstream Media Comment On Outsource Bookkeeping?

A perspective of Mainstream Media on Outsource Bookkeeping Governments, investors, and stakeholders hold varied opinions regarding outsourcing for book-keeping services. Governments have issued protectionism measures to control the rate at which business are outsourcing for...
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Bookkeeping Explained

What is Bookkeeping? Bookkeeping is the systematic preparation of the books of account of a business. Bookkeeping determines if the business made profit or loss.  The process is consequential and it begins with the collecting, recording, organizing, presenting, and analysis of...
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income statement

How to Prepare an Income Statement?

Preparing an Income Statement An income statement –trading gross profit and loss statement is a very important document for a business. The document shows how the company will be profitable or it is at a given time. The figure from the statement May also indicates how the company...
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Human Resource Audit

What is Human Resource Audit?

The process of Human Resource Audit Human resource audit is a process of checking/appraising the Hr department in an organization. It comprehensively examines current policies, practices, procedures, strategies, documentation, structure, skills and systems to identify needs for...
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Internal Auditing

Why your Business needs Internal Audit Services?

Need of Internal Audit Plan:- Every business requires an assessment after a period to determine its alignment to the set objectives. To achieve your organizational goals and address critical business risks, you need an internal audit plan. It is especially critical for small and...
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