What are the benefits of IT Auditing?

What are the benefits of IT Auditing?

With the current digitized world, the use of computers has become prevalent in almost all sectors of our life and economy to begin with. With this comes voluminous problems in that cybercrimes have taken advantage of the prevalence in the use of computers to enrich themselves with just them interfering into other people businesses. Therefore, the conduction of an IT audit is quite important as well as the conduction of some of the other types of audits in a business. But mostly, business owners shy away from this type of audits and they place a lot of weight on financial and website audit.

Major Benefits of IT Audit

Some of the benefit of IT audit include:

They help in Mitigating risks in an organization

They reduce the chances or risks occurring in an organization. Through the scrutinizing of the organizational computer system, the development of effective firewall among many other computer security apparatus, the conduction of an IT audits reduces the chances of risks occurring in an organization as the audit highlights the strength and weakness of a given business IT system.

Some of the prevalent risks that may be covered in the IT sector includes types of risks that are confidentiality related risks that may jeopardize the integrity of the operational systems personnel and other members who access an organization computer system. The overall goal of the conduction of the IT audits is to ensure that there is effective, reliability and efficiency in the IT sector.

Help in the scrutinizing of the control system  in an organist ion

The conduction of an IT audit is well known to cement the controls systems of an organization. The latter process ensures that there is the identification of risks that may affect the organization flow of work in the IT and other department. Once this risks are identified the next process will be identification of the organization control systems that re affected.

The latter process may spearhead the need to strengthen those controls that are not that effective in an organization department. However one doesn’t need to worry as the advancement with the use of technology has brought goodies in the IT sector whereby there are some IT software that can effectively take care of the business control like COBIT which can handle all business matters that are related to security, performance indicators, goal indicators and other critical IT algorithmic structures.

Enhances communication in an organization

The conduction of an IT audit can enhance set of communication between the business and technology management. The conduction of an IT audit creates that dire need for communication between the businesses with its technological department.

With a possible conduction of an auditor interview, the auditor (Whether internal or external) has that chance to test what is happening in an organization and see if there is great discrepancy between the IT theory and what happens in reality.

The final auditor milestone will be the writing of detailed report to his seniors reporting what’s is at stake with the organization IT system. This not only facilities communication between various department but enhances trust, the development of accountability and measures various department goals as well.

In conclusion, the conduction of an IT audit is a worthy milestone that need a lot of focus and attentions. Its benefits are not only limited to the three advantages but there are other benefits that will be addressed in the next Article.

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