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internal auditing services

How to Get the Best Internal Auditing Services?

Who are Internal Auditors? This is a firm which assesses the activities and management system of an organization; checking for risks in their internal controls and comes up with recommendations on how to improve their overall performance and reduce risks.  An internal audit is...
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Audited Financial Statements

Importance of Audited Financial Statements for a Nonprofit Organizations

Audited Nonprofit Financial Statements Check out the importance of Audited Nonprofit Financial Statements:  1- Peace of Mind to Donors. Audited financial statements act as proof that all available funds are well utilized and provide the donors some peace of mind knowing that the...
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cloud based accounting

How to prepare Audit Report for Non Profit Organization?

Audit Report for Non Profit Organization Thankfully, the audit is now over. You will still need to prepare a report that will be sent to the organization based on your findings. Your opinion is necessary because the organization you audited will need the report to act as a...
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different types of audit

Different Types of Audit for Non-Profit Organizations

How to define the term Auditing? Auditing is the independent, careful and systematic examination of a business’ accounts, books, documents, statutory and financial records to confirm their accuracy and consistency with applicable laws, rules and regulations. These laws may...
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Internal Audit Process

How does Internal Audit Process Works?

In the internal audit, there are two options that you can choose from. Outsourcing and Insourcing Internal Audit (outsourcing is the most recommended). Outsourcing Internal Audit means hiring independent auditors for internal audit process while insourcing internal auditing means...
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Forensic Auditor

What is the role of Forensic Auditor?

Roles and Responsibilities of Forensic Auditor If there’s a case in a court concerning funds/money, for an evidence to be found, a forensic auditor is called to carry out the investigation. Well, from this, you might be now having a clue about what a forensic audit is all about....
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Internal vs External Auditing

How Internal Auditing is better than External Auditing?

Difference between Internal vs External Auditing If you have been in the business world where companies and organizations are involved, you may have come across the terms, internal auditing or external auditing, but what is the meaning of the two terms and what is the difference...
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Compliance Audit Checklist

What is a Compliance Audit and its Checklist?

What is Compliance Audit? Audit Compliance is defined as a formal review which is used to determine whether or not a company is performing its operations in accordance with a contract agreement. Audit compliance is usually implemented by a public accounting firm, a third-party...
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Financial Statement Audit

6 tips to help you in Financial Statement Audit

Financial Statement Audit Process Financial statement audit is quite complicated- and stressful. Most of us may scratch our heads every time we hear this but a painless process of financial statement audit is possible. Here are 6 tips to help you in financial statement audit so...
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Audit Test

Five forms of Audit Tests that you should be aware of

Audit Test Before conducting an audit test, you need to conduct an excellent audit plan, to begin with. That may possibly identify the business risk, materiality and asses the need to include an expert and in this case, the need to include an external auditor. Generally, Audit...
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