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Tax Policy

Forms of effective Tax Policy for Developing Countries

What is a Tax Policy? The term tax policy is used to describe the choice which will be made by the government on what taxes to levy to its citizen and to whom those taxes will be levied onto. Both developing and developed countries have different levels of tax policies that...
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Good Tax System

The Principles of a Good Tax System

Benefits of Taxation Taxation is a source of revenue to Governments. Plus, there are a lot of benefits of taxation which helps in improving a country economic system. Thus, this calls for the government to derive a good tax system to fix the needs of both the country and society....
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What problems can u face with the IRS?

Many people have problems with IRS as there are so many files to fill, healthcare taxpayers don’t know that they are getting notices because they didn’t get any document from the Internal Revenue Service before, that’s why problems happen because healthcare taxpayers don’t answer...
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