How to check Income Tax Filing Status?

How to check Income Tax Filing Status?

Offline & Online Tax Filing

It is possible to fill income tax in two different ways, offline tax filing, and online return tax filing. To know your income tax status, you must know how each of these methods works. Checking your income tax status will be a lot easier if you know the principles and have an idea of how to check your income tax filing status any time you want.

Offline tax return filing

In offline tax return filing, you need to present physical copies of all income tax returns to the tax office and they will stamp it with the appropriate date and ITO number on your personal copy. This is confirmation that your income tax return is rightly accepted.

However, there is no way you can check the status of offline income tax return. But you will receive an acknowledgment message either by post or email to inform you that your income tax is processed by the tax office. You will get the post on the address on the application which may be your home or office address.

Online tax return filing

In online income tax return filing, you submit all the necessary documents to the tax department website. The site will generate an acknowledgment and it will send it to your email as well. This acknowledgment bears ten digits numbers that you can use to monitor your income tax filing status, and this pin indicates that you have successfully filed your income tax returns to the tax department.

The following steps are taken when you want to check the status of your online income tax return.

Login into income tax e-filing website.

The first step is to login into the website of the tax department to commence the process of income tax filing.

Fill your Biodata

You will need to enter your ID, date of birth, and ultimately, you must create a password to use whenever you want to check your status.

Go to my account icon.

After you log in, you will go to my account icon on the website, where you will enter your ID and password to enable you to accesses your account and monitor your income tax status.

Check your status

You can see the forms in your account on the drop-down list, with all the past years return you have made.  The last section is where you will find the status of all the past returns you have filed.

You can check your income tax filing status online if you submit electronically or ask your CPA firm.

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