What are the common Tax Planning mistakes?

What are the common Tax Planning mistakes?

Every country has its own system and policies on paying taxes and you can’t run away from them unless you live on the moon or less civilized places. Hence it is good to know the policies and regulations required in paying your taxes before you earn an income or start a business. There are various types of taxes such as income tax, tariff and property tax and if they are not understood mistakes are inevitable. To reduce your tax liability you need to start tax planning. There are common mistakes made while tax planning and here are just but a few.

Most common mistakes to avoid during Tax Planning:

Conversion Taxes:

One common mistake people make is when they want to change their account for retirement and don’t realize that many times in these conversions there are taxes due. Also, these conversion taxes need to be paid through other financial resources. This then leads them to make the mistake of converting the whole account into a Roth IRA which places them into a huge category of people paying high taxes. It is best to consult a tax professional for better strategic planning and proceed slowly but surely with the conversion.

Early Retirement

Another mistake people and small business make are when they decide to retire early and expect to withdraw their retirement funds penalty free. This is however not the case unless you are 59 1/2 years of age and older. If you decide to do it prior to that age you are subject to certain penalties such as the early withdrawal fee charged at 10 percent. This is as well as the required minimum distributions that are mandatorily charged at age 701/2 which can lead to costly taxes and penalties. Proper tax planning can tremendously reduce tax liability in this situation.

Business Deductions

For a small business, there is a mistake they commonly make by not claiming business deductions that are legal such as auto expenses and even home deductions. So that they don’t leave the money unclaimed they should claim it and not be afraid of the IRS and miss out on these legal deductions. Small Business Tax planning is important if they want to avoid tax liabilities and paying thousands of dollars by being in the bracket of highest taxpayers. It is good business to find a good professional and start tax planning. This will enable you to increase your wealth further and maintain in the long run.

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