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Advantages for Tax Planning for Fiduciaries

Tax Saving Plans

Tax planning for fiduciaries enables individuals to be able to develop alternative tax savings plans that may be beneficial in lowering their tax liabilities

Regulation Requirements

Tax planning helps fiduciaries be able to understand the regulation requirements, for instance before developing a tax planning schedule there would be need to first understand the tax requirements

Trusts Management

There ceases to exists interruptions in trusts management. For instance, in the event of death of the principal, there may be no need to again register the securities available.

Avoidance of Probation

Avoidance of probation. In most cases, they have proved to be time consuming & importantly very expensive. Tax planning for fiduciaries creates flexibility in management i.e. it doesn’t require presence of the original documents for any cause of action to be put in place.

Procedures for a Fiduciary Tax Planning

  • Fiscal Year

    Determination of a fiscal year end for the contract at hand. This may be a very important cause of action because it may help in knowing when we can be able to differ taxes whenever necessary.

  • Total Tax Liability

    Management of distributions which are to be made after 65 days so as to help minimize the total tax liability.

  • Expenditures

    In cases where the fiduciary finds out that it has had more expenditures than its incomes, it may choose to prepare form 1041 on accrual basis to help accrue both the incomes and expenditures to the present year.

  • Final & First Returns

    Where necessary, prepare a final and first returns when possible.

  • Claim Tax Allowances

    Claiming deductions in respect to descendents on estate tax returns which may be deducted twice.

  • Claiming Deductions

    In cases where it exists, it would be necessary to claim tax allowances on estates for income in respect of a decedent.

  • Charitable Equipments

    Planning and putting aside gains from charitable equipments and assets.

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Tax planning in a fiduciary entails the application of various calls of actions that may include
  • Estates and trusts administration.
  • Offering professional services to help tax exempt entities successful in their tax filling.
  • Compliance with taxation regulations for estates, foundations or even trusts.
  • Mobilizing and planning donations to charitable organizations.
  • Offering professional services to aid in discharge of the organization’s mandate’s.
  • Assisting in structured tax skipping procedures.
  • Minimization of taxes through post-death tax deductions.
  • Deferred payments of taxes in case of the death of the principal.

Are You Looking for Fiduciary Tax Planning?

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