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health care auditor

There is heightened pressure on federal, state, and local governments to ensure taxpayer funds are spent efficiently, effectively, and for their intended purpose. This forces the healthcare entities to get the audits done by healthcare auditing companies. As a result, many government programs require extensive controls and project management protocols requirements that may stretch the technical capabilities and manpower resources of many government agencies. This is particularly true in unpredictable, high-pressure situations such as recovery from a natural disaster.

Affluent Financial Services has experienced healthcare auditors who provide services of audit, compliance, and program and project management support to healthcare entities.

Affluent financial services for auditing healthcare entities:-

1. Behavioral health and special needs populations:

Our healthcare auditors work with these healthcare organizations to estimate and ameliorate the impact of reimbursement restructuring, prepare regulatory reports and ensure appropriate cost allocations and develop and implement corporate compliance programs.

2. Community health centers

We help them evaluate their performance, address third-party reimbursement and regulatory matters, develop an optimal response to healthcare reform and tackle federal grants management. A CPA firm with experience in healthcare audits help in a big way.

3. Hospitals and health systems

As a top rated healthcare auditing company in Maryland, our healthcare auditors help hospitals and health systems transition to new reimbursement methodologies, assess current operational performance and identify areas for improvement, structure training programs in collaboration with other institutions, and develop creative solutions to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ value-based purchasing initiatives. Be wise while choosing one of the professional healthcare auditing companies.

4. Long-term care facilities

We help the owners and operators of long-term care facilities, continuing care retirement communities, assisted living facilities and others, manage and finance their real estate operations. Our experience includes working with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to help these clients obtain financing assistance through a number of different programs such as the HUD 232 LEAN Program.

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