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Real Estate Companies

Success in the current real estate investing environment requires a clear understanding of current performance, well-executed cash flow and risk management, and a proactive approach to changes in tax law.

Affluent’s Real Estate Investment Trust Practice advises REIT managers to help them make well-informed investment decisions, meet compliance obligations promptly and keep their energies focused on opportunity and growth.

We draw upon years of experience providing audit, accounting, tax consulting and compliance services to clients operating through master limited partnerships, UpREIT and REIT structures, as well as single purpose partnerships and LLCs. Our REIT and commercial real estate professionals have the hands-on experience and extensive knowledge to effectively address a myriad of complex issues that face today’s public and private real estate companies and their investors.

1. Investment support:

We can conduct due diligence of potential investment properties as well as audits of acquired properties—both for regulatory compliance and effective risk management and decision making.

2.REIT taxation advisory:

We provide taxation consulting services including planning for taxable REIT subsidiaries.

3.Internal controls:

We help REITs improve internal controls and implement systems to streamline financial operations, contain costs and quickly identify fraud.

4.Transaction advisory:

For REITs considering a merger or acquisition, we can provide valuation services and help structure transactions to minimize tax liabilities.

5.Public securities offerings:

We assist with initial public offerings and follow-on offerings of listed REITs and the registration of securities of non-traded REITs under the Securities Act of 1933.