Remote Work & Technology – Tools for Success

Remote Work & Technology – Tools for Success

In today’s world, Technology is an invincible factor for a successful work-from-home modus operandi by a CPA firm. To build a successful remote work system, here are the tips for efficiently utilizing “Technology” as a tool:

Set up Correct Configuration(s)

This tip is specifically valuable for CPA firms already using the digital medium to run their businesses and interact with their clients. Small improvisations in current work methodology like setting up Surge protectors for convenient wiring, appropriate placement of chords (those which need to be kept handy versus those which may need a distant set up from the work station), keeping a ready back up of batteries, routers and other computer accessories are important.

It is recommended to at least invest 1-2 hours initially to figure out the basic technological requirements to run one’s business and keep improvising it from time to time.

Optimum use of Webcam

Since face-to-face interactions are the vital factor to maintain strong relationship with one’s staff and clients, its highly recommended to attach an external webcam (meeting required quality standards to conduct video conferencing) in case an internal webcam (specific to the device(s) being used) is not already in place.

A Stable & High speed Wi-Fi Connection

Home internet connection places the most crucial role in connecting all other dots when it comes to a regular work from home model. It’s important to check if one’s upload and download speeds do not drop dramatically. In case such is happening, the Wi-Fi/broadband service may need a bandwidth increase or a booster/router device having a tri-band capability appended.

However, if already a high-speed connection is in use, other checks need to be in place such as the powerhouse con­nection shouldn’t be run through an inexpensive modem supplied by the firm’s internet provider.

Bandwidth Sharing Plan

While working from home, there is a possibility other family members or neighbors consuming the same internet/Wi-Fi connection and in such cases a lag may be noticed during video conferences or while accessing portals undergoing live feeds/uploads. The best way to avoid such hurdles is managing the schedule of all family members/acquaintances in such a way that video conferencing sessions should not get clashed and professional commitments of none are impacted due to multiple people using the same internet at the same time.

However, in case too much bandwidth consumption is expected due to professional commitments of individual or other family members working from home at the same time, it is most advisable to consider wir­ing directly using an Ethernet cable.

De-cluttering Digital Workspace

It is advisable to use minimum desktop icons and browsers to avoid system and internet snags, retain what is essential and devise a work pattern where few clicks of a mouse derive the expected output rather than hitting multiple keys or browsers streaming, which eventually heat up the system and also delay generating the desired output.

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