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steps of accounting cycle

What are the Nine Steps in the Accounting Cycle?

The Accounting Cycle is a nine-step standardized practice used by organizations & CPA firms to record and calculate financial transactions & activities. The steps of Accounting Cycle lists the process of analyzing, monitoring, and identifying the financial transactions of...
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Peer Review process

What you need to know about Peer Review Process?

What is Peer Review? Peer review is the process of action taken by equally experienced professionals for the purpose of giving more support and acceptance to the statements already prepared. The recheck or affirmation here is based on a sincere and professional approach. The duty...
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Welcome to Affluent Financial Services

Affluent Financial Services is a top rated CPA Firm based in Gaithersburg, Maryland with a branch office in Washington D.C. They have been serving a lot of companies in the past. Mr Ajit Chawla (Owner & Partner) summed up a total experience of 25 years.
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