How to do tax preparation for small business?

How to do tax preparation for small business?

The size of your business does not exclude you from tax and preparation is important even as part of your business establishment. Small businesses also are not excluded from tax. Therefore, here are certain steps in preparing for tax as a small business owner.

Tips for Small Business Tax Preparation:

Classify your business

It is true that “small scale” is a classification, but classification in this sense means you have to identify if your small-scale business falls under sole proprietorship, partnership or even under a legal entity because this will determine the type of tax form you will need. So again, ask yourself “what type/ class of business am I running”.

Get help from CPA

It is true that many things can be done solely with the power of research. It is also true that CPA professionals handle the work in their field better than one time learner. It is therefore safe to get a professional, in this case, an accountant that will help in properly putting through the complex view of balance sheets, spreadsheets and other documents. However, the use of the required forms by the US GAAP could help well.

Gather Financial Data

The expenses and income is what is most important to know in order to know what your balance is. This is the determinant of what your tax will be like. Therefore gathering all financial data is the right step.  It is easier to keep data and records of transactions immediately rather than the later recalling that is common in small businesses.

Use Required Form

There are different forms available for the use of all business types. With the knowledge that you need to calculate the net profit or lose by deducting you expenses from your earnings, all you have to do is input this data into appropriate places on the space located in the forms.

When you are done with getting and filling the form, it is important that you meet the deadline for submission.


Detailed Record

No matter how small the numbers are, a detailed record have every little and big spending or earnings. This will and should reflect when calculating your net profit. At the same time, unnecessary deductions are not allowed under the requirements of GAAP.

Also, avoid the confusion of mixing the personal account with business account, the business and the person running the business are two different and legal entities and such is their financial statements.

Electronic means is safest

If you have the chance, all you need can be gotten through electronic means and it is also the safest means. It safest in the sense that you don’t easily lose your records as this is important to your detailed accounting.


Getting good tax preparation done by a CPA is a good way of achieving all that is needed but verify the credibility and professionalism of the prepare and at the same time, always remember that accuracy is of essence.

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