Difference Between C-Corporation Tax and S-Corporation Tax

Difference Between C-Corporation Tax and S-Corporation Tax

Things to know about C- Corporation Tax and S- Corporation Tax

Once you start a business and it experiences a rapid growth, there may be the need to convert your business corporation. The latter move will mean differently to the taxation system the company will use.Now that you are a corporation and no longer a business, you may be pondering if to file your business as S-corporation or a C-corporation. The latter’s means have their own advantages and disadvantages and understanding the difference between a C-corporation tax and S-corporation tax may aid to make a resounding judgment.

S-Corp Vs C-Corp Tax:

  1. Differentials in their Tax rates

The way the S Corporation and the C corporation are taxed will depend on the given set tax rate. The former accrues double taxation. First, the profit which is made from the organization is taxed the same as the dividends and salary owned by the employees of the company. The taxation of the personal income is done without the consideration of any adjustment of the already paid to cooperate tax.

On the other hand, S corporation does not pay the cooperate federal income taxes and each of the shareholders is requested to report their annual profit as well as losses while filling their tax returns. However, the payment of this tax is subject to the government regulations set and there are other countries and states that will exempt the S cooperation from the state corporate income tax but they their profit and losses will be transferred to their personal and income tax.

Therefore when you are a new business, you have revamped the business to a corporation you will have to understand whether you will go for S-or C corporation tax. The double taxation concept makes a lot of new corporation to bank on S-Corporation tax.

  1. Differential In The Tax Fillings

Arguably, the documents that a corporation will use to file the different tax differently. There are different forms one needs and they come with the different filling procedures. Although the two are filed under the federal income tax return broadband, the calculation of the amount of tax payable is computed differently and with the different deductions. For the C–corporation which is subject to double taxation, the document will highlight the workers to submit their annual returns, unlike the S-corporation.

    3. Differentials In The Payroll Taxes

For the C Corporation as well as the S corporation must pay income tax, but the requirement for the latter comes with additional parameters. Mostly the preventions of the tax schemes banks on the s co corporations receiving dividend rather than the salary in order to avoid payroll taxes. However, the auditing of the S corporation ensures that the latter doesn’t happen and the workers’ pay taxes

In conclusion, the C-Corporation Tax and S-Corporation Tax differs in a lot of ways. There is the differential in tax filling, payrolls taxes and the payment of the federal income tax. If you are a new business that has grown to and now want to become a corporation, you will understand which of the two corporate taxation form the best is.

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