Types of Healthcare Audit & its Benefits

Types of Healthcare Audit & its Benefits

Auditing Healthcare Industry

Before understanding the types of healthcare audit, let’s see what is auditing healthcare industry. Auditing healthcare industry is significant to let hospitals and other healthcare units make sure they are going in the right direction regards their plans and also with the regulations. Auditing could happen in different sizes and number of employees. However, there are many different types of healthcare audit that will enhance the healthcare process in the long run.

Types of Healthcare Auditing:

4 types of Healthcare Audit are:

Random Audit

Samples are taken to be reviewed and audited in an unsystematic way, the kinds of samples include some cases with the large or small amount of money. Basically, in that kind of auditing, they focus more on the amount of money spent or received on different claims. So that will tell the healthcare auditors a glimpse about the whole thing if the organization if fine or needs to be reviewed in a closer way rather than the random way.

Comprehensive Audit

This approach of auditing doesn’t take samples randomly, but it focuses on claims that are audited before but in a closer way, samples of the comprehensive audit are chosen by two different ways, electronic and manual. However, if the organization looking for a refund of its spent money, they usually trust this way compared to the random auditing approach.

Hybrid Audit

It’s a mix of the previous two types of healthcare auditing which are random and comprehensive. They take samples randomly and others in a comprehensive way. This kind of audit is usually more accurate when it comes to audit different cases and claims and eventually results in accurate statistics to be used in the future to compensate for the money spent for no reason.

Quality Improvement Audit

This type goes all over the year to get results that will improve the patient’s treatment and decrease the financial costs and the health providers to give more quality and decrease the money spent on treatments. This type chooses different patients before the progress of curing to be enrolled in the auditing process till they get back to their normal condition. This is because the healthcare auditing is focusing on giving more quality and improvements to both, the patient and the hospitals.

Conclusion: Healthcare auditing is very important for both, the patient and the hospital. It gives more insights into the process and the quality of it, auditing gives positive instructions to be used in the future for payers and health providers. The main benefit of healthcare auditing is to decrease the costs spent on both sides which are the patients and providers. During the process, a lot of areas will be discovered to be used to reduce and contain costs. In addition, a detailed analysis of the process of healthcare auditing is a major result that helps hospitals to follow the government regulations.

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