How to Check Tax Refund Status with IRS?

How to Check Tax Refund Status with IRS?

IRS Tax Refund Status

If a federal tax return has been file and if a refund is due then there are several options to check on it. The details could be accessed online, or by calling a special toll-free number, or by even using a smartphone to check the tax refund status. This tracking option will work even if the tax return is filed via the mail or if you have instructed the IRS to deposit tax cash into one or multiple accounts.

Checking via “Where’s my refund” resource

Taxpayers are able to check via the IRS web link “where’s my refund” via their own computers. But this depends upon how the tax return is filed. This could be found within 24 hours after the IRS has received the e-filed tax return. If the IRS tax return is mailed then it would be 4 weeks before this could be tracked via the search tool online. The IRS mentions that refunds are issued within 21 after the receipt of a tax return and that the taxpayer should call on if this is more than 21 days. But it should be noted that if it is more than three weeks since the tax return has been filed then you should log onto the online resource in order to locate the money.

What are the necessary data that is required? You will first require your Social Security number and by filling in the status and the amount that is expected. The “where’s my refund” resource on the IRS page mentions what exact details are required.

Dialing in

If it is not possible to access a computer then it is possible via the telephone whereby the IRS can track the refund. There is a toll-free number that is dedicated for IRS refund status which can be accessed by dialing the number (800) 829-1954 or contact a CPA firm. The same details that are required for the online system will apply.

IRS2Go App

There is a smartphone App that is introduced by the IRS whereby taxpayers can check their status on the tax refund. It is possible to get updates by signing into the App. The same details as with the other two methods will be required.

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