Need and Importance of Non-Profit Organization

Need and Importance of Non-Profit Organization

Importance of Non-Profit Organization

The government tries it’s best to make the lives of people better by providing common services to its citizens. Because the government is only one body, they might delay their services or some services may not get to some people.

In order for the people to have equal services rendered to them especially those in the interior, sometimes the non- profit organization offer a hand in order to offer services and help the government out.

5 Ways through which Non-Profit Organization help Government are:

The main importance of Non-Profit Organization is that it helps in overall development of the Society and also help Government in various ways. Some of the major benefits and importance of Non-Profit Organization are given below:

   1- Education

It has been proven that many of the schools set up in the interior are as a result of non-profit organizations.

Due to their good at heart intentions, they never ask for any money from the people in the communities for they have volunteered themselves to teach these children and provide them with the necessary learning materials.

Apart from teaching children, if the community suffers from hunger problems due to the shortage of food, to educate them on ways they can get their land productive again and also provide them with the necessary tools to kick-start their programs.

   2- Treatment

Apart from offering educational services to the children, the other big reasons that non- profits have sprung up is to provide treatment for illnesses that have been a major problem in the community.

They do this by building hospitals in the interior where patients are able to go and receive treatment for free.

In these programs, they also teach the community on how to prevent themselves from certain diseases like Malaria which has proven to take many lives because many people don’t know how to prevent themselves and when they are sick from it, they don’t have medicine to cure.

They also teach the members of the communities on matters about their hygiene because many illnesses come as a result of a dirty environment and dirty food.

   3- Provide services in case of a Tragedy

It has been shown many times on devices like the television on areas being affected by natural calamities like floods, drought and many more.

These non-profits play a major role in helping the people affected in offering donations to them in form of food, clothes and temporary shelter.

They are able to do this from the donations they get from individuals, companies, and organizations.

This does not mean that the government doesn’t help but the non-profits act as a second hand in helping the people.

  4- Employment

Like any other organizations, non-profits also require employees to help them deliver services and achieve their mission.

Many people nowadays are hired by these organization and receive a good salary enabling them to pay their monthly bills and support their family (life gets easier when you have a job).

Due to the nonprofits, unemployment has significantly reduced. Because of this, the crime rate has also reduced for the youth with energy have been consumed by these non-profits to offer services.

  5- Development

Due to this non-profits’ missions, many of the interior communities have developed in ways like they now have passable roads enabling transport services in and out of the community and also lighting.

These non-profits are also the major cause of interior communities having lights at night for they teach them on new technology on how to use solar to provide light and energy making their life easier.

As there are many benefits of non-profit organization, there are various types of non-profit organizations.

Types of Non-Profit Organization

There is much non-profit organization and for this, we can only group them according to with their mission.

  1- Charities for Animals

These are organizations that offer charitable services for animals like taking care of them and saving them from danger and also making sure and teaching people on how to take care of animals.

Some of these organizations are,

  • Dogs Trust
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Foundation (PETA)
  • World Animal Protection
  • The Human Society International

  2- Charities for Environment

These are organizations that fight for the environment for their mission is to have a healthy environment. They also offer education on how to take care of the environment.

Some of these organizations are,

  • Earthwatch
  • Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG)
  • Rainforest Foundation UK
  • National Botanic of Wales
  • Plantlife International

   3- International Non-governmental Organization

These are organizations that work all over the world.

They offer different charity services. Examples of these organizations are,

  • Doctors Without Borders

It works in conflict zones, after natural resources, during disasters, and more.

  • The International Red Cross

They offer services to people who have been struck by a disaster like floods for example.

  • Junior Chamber International (JCI)

This is a non-profit International Non-Governmental Organization for the youth (18-40) years.

  4- Charities for Health

These charities take the responsibilities to treat the sick, create awareness of certain health risks and also teach the people on how to prevent themselves from these illnesses and diseases. They deal with anything that has got to do with health in general.

Some of these charities are,

  • Disease  and Disorder Charities
  • Medical Treatment and Services

  5- Charities for Education

These charities focus on providing education for students by making it accessible and affordable for every student to have an education.

  • Universities and Colleges
  • Scholarship and financial aid services

There are many types of charities and many advantages of non-profit organizations and they are countless but what there is about them is that are all here to help to make the life here on earth easier.

As these organizations do their best to help, you should do your best to help donate to these foundations so that they can be able to keep doing their good work in touching the lives of people and not forgetting making the environment healthier and safeguarding our animals.

We all have a role to play in making this world the best place to so let us all do our level best to achieve this. If not for us, let it be the next generations to come.

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